Beckton Alps

A research about an artificial mountain called Beckton Alps is the central theme of the video, where the narrative related to a specific mountain is located between a fiction and a personal report. The entire project is the Trilogy of Mountains, and it is related to memory and history.

Trilogy of the Mountains is devised in three parts: Alpenprojekt, based on the alpine landscape; the second one approaches Beckton Alps, an artificial mountain in east London; and the third part is related to artificial mountains made with war debris in Germany. Each part of the Trilogy comprises a series of works. The project was initially developed based on a landscape where the notion of Romanticism is still present, then developing toward the post-industrialization period and finally being related to the reshaping of the topography in Germany after the II World War.

In Trilogy of the Mountains, the tension between natural and artificial is a central issue, being rather complementary than the opposite

The research about Beckton Alps was made possible thanks to Bolsa Iberê Camargo granted in 2012 by Iberê Camargo Foundation for a residency at Gasworks, London.

Video / 12:29 minutes / 2018