In Black-Panorama, a series of pages of an atlas about the Alpine mountains is laid out in a continuous panoramic line. These images are covered by drawings painted on transparent plates that cover the view of the landscape. The drawings are shown on tables. Black-Panorama is part of the series of works Alpenprojekt, which began with research relating to the southern region of Germany. The representation of that specific place was then perceived as “contaminated” by a fractional historical memory, either by forgotten facts or intentionally silenced.

Desenhos sobre acrílico e páginas de livro | 88x450cm
ABOVE: Black-Panorama in the exhibition Antes, e ainda agora (2018)

Alpenprojekt makes up the first part of the Mountain Trilogy. They are grouped into three moments, where the relationships between nature and culture continuously act in the perception and representation of specific places. Alpenprojekt is related to the mountains of the Alps; Beckton Alps refers to the research of an artificial mountain built on the outskirts of London, and Second Nature is related to the man-made mountains built in Germany from the ruins of the post-war period.