Marina Camargo | Andrei Thomaz



This is the second version of Eclipses. The first one, developed in 2007, was Flash-based and used the Google Maps Flash API, now outdated. The work was rebuilt between 2015 and 2016, now using the Google Maps JavaScript API. Until now, we made three editions of Eclipses. To create the first one, we listed the streets that are inside the area occupied by Percursos (Paths) art project, realized in September, 2007, in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. In the second version of Eclipses, we focused on the streets in the surrounding area of Funarte (National Foundation for the Arts) in São Paulo, where was presented the exhibition Lugares/Representações (Places/Representations) in 2011.

Finally, in the third one, we researched the streets of Recife around Torre Malakoff, an old astronomic observatory where the exhibition A cidade, as ruínas e depois (The city, the ruins and the aftermath) took place in 2016.

The work begins with the names of three cities where Eclipses has been presented until now. After a city is picked up, a list of streets of this is presented. The viewer has to choose some street to continue. When a street is chosen, Eclipses shows the map of each occurrence of the street, one after another. Each map is centered at the street with the name chosen by the viewer. After all the maps are shown, Eclipses creates an image generated by the software, in real time.

Marina Camargo and Andrei Thomaz

Eclipses is a web artwork that grabs maps from Google Maps and uses them to create images, mixing the maps together. It starts with the name of the cities where the work has been shown (Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Recife). After a city is selected, a list of street names is presented. Then, Eclipses shows the map of each address with the same name in different cities in the country, one after another, centered at that address. After all the maps are shown, Eclipses creates an image mixing all the maps, overlapping all the occurrences of the addresses with the same name in different locations.

Eclipses in the exhibition The city, the ruins and the aftermath, in Recife, Brazil (2016).

Image generated from Rua Helvétia and Av. Angélica maps.

Images generated from the map of Recife – Brazil (below).