High Sea (Atlantic)

Photograph | 90x450cm

The oceans transcend the international boundaries. The Convention of the High Seas states a specific sense of freedom: the oceans belong to no specific land; therefore the international waters have no sovereignty, defining that all states have the freedom to navigate and explore (fishing, researching, installing cables, for example, is allowed).

This zone of freedom and without borders evokes a sense of utopia, where everything is potentially possible.

In High Sea (Atlantic) a map of the sea is enlarged and split into many pieces, following its quadrants sections (if all the pieces are put on a surface, they will recreate the whole map in a bigger scale). A sense of abstraction or incompleteness is related to the representation of the ocean.

We tend to believe the maps are accurate representations of reality – although they are always a partial depiction of places and ideas. There is always a gap between the world and a map. All information or data suppressed, all distortions applied in the drawing of a map are political points of view toward reality.