Inventory of waters

[ 2012 ]

Inventory of waters is a series of work that embraces one unique layer of the geographic maps: the water mapped through lakes, rivers, lagoons, and dams. Being aware of the variation of the rivers throughout the seasons and even the disappearance of many water reservoirs due to the weather changes, the work Inventory of Waters has precise information concerning the waters. It forms a sort of visual encyclopedia organized through the main water basins in different countries.

In the first edition of Inventory of waters (2012)  all Brazilian rivers are drawn, as well as its lakes and lagoons and dams.

Inventory of waters (lakes and lagoons) _ Drawings cutout in plexiglass  | 88x130cm

Inventory of waters (rivers) _ Drawings cutout in plexiglass  | 87x75cm

Photo: Gui Gomes