Lost Continent


The description of an unknown continent is narrated from the leftovers found in this land. The discovery of the ruins of a museum triggers the reconstruction of History. Through the fragments found, a narrative is built telling about the transformations in an unknown place’s ecosystem.

Divided into four chapters, each of them refers to a region of the continent: the area of geometric lagoons, the buried cities, a desert in place of a forest. What characterizes each region’s transformations are the marks of an extractive activity that led to the continent’s exhaustion.

The narrative of the video is akin to documentary films with a scientific and descriptive approach to a place where landscape simulations are designed to narrate a history of the past and to project future constructions. The sequence of images is made with animation and accompanied by an original soundtrack.

The work was commissioned by Guangdong Museum of Art.

LOST CONTINENT _ video | 11:15 minutes | 2021