Map I (Paris)

2006 - 2009

Map I (Paris) is one of Marina Camargo’s first works where cartography appears as the central element. It is also a work that shows a juxtaposition of fundamental issues of Marina’s work of this time: the meeting between the representation of space and written language, between map and text. The idea of translation emerges here as a strategy for transposing meanings between essentially different realities – the city represented as a map; a map was drawn through letters that do not write a text, but refer to the drawing of urban space. The gap between reality and its representation is the central concern in this work.

The work Mapa II (Porto Alegre) is part of the same series, which was concluded shortly afterward.

> Map I (Paris), 2006. Drawing printed on paper | 50×70 cm | Map II (Porto Alegre), 2009. Drawing printed on paper | 127×147 cm