Sculpture lessons - Zooliths


Sculpture Lessons: Zooliths _ Video | 13:10 min. (2016) | Performance by Marcela Reichelt

Is it possible to transpose an image into a movement?
How could an image be translated to a minimal gesture (even before the movement takes place)?
How can we perceive the thought in our bodies?
How come an image could reverberate in the dancer’s body?

A series of photographs depicting the Zooliths is presented to a dancer for the first time. She was asked to perform a series of movements pursuing to transpose these images into physical actions.

Zooliths are archeological objects dating approximately 5500 B.C., usually found on the southern Brazilian coast. When Zooliths is displaced from its original archeological artifacts, it can be seen as sculptures with modern characteristics.

In Sculpture Lessons: Zooliths, a video register the dancer Marcela Reichelt reacting after seeing the photographs of Zooliths sculptures taken by Marina Camargo. Her gestures clarify the different natures of representation, pushing the boundaries between image and motion, sculpture, and moving image.

Special thanks to Marcela Reichelt.