Soft-map: fluxes


Displacements through spaces reconfigure maps: the pathways map the space between two places, tracing invisible maps formed by flows, oceans, territories, borders. The same lines that make migratory movements visible are the lines that draw the boundaries dividing countries. A fragmented map then emerges, where the seas are zones of passage and approximation between continents and borders are geometric abstractions that divide continuous spaces.

Soft-maps: fluxes (2021) is an installation made from drawings cut out of synthetic leather. Each piece shows the space between two continents: South America and Africa; Africa and North America; North America and South America. While the representation of the geography of the continents is recognizable, it is the stripes that connect them that expand in space, constructing a spatiality of space in-between

Soft-map: fluxes _ Cutouts in synthetic leather and brass rod | 250 x 140 x 200 cm (each) | 2021

Photos by Tiffany Danielle Elliott