The drawings of the political borders between the countries of different continents constitute the sound score of Songlines. Each score brings together all the frontiers of a single continent and is then sounded.
The compilation of all Songlines‘ drawings and songs forms a kind of sound map of the borders of land between all the different countries. Work in collaboration with the musician and composer Marcelo Cabral.

The term songlines refers to the sound maps created by the original people of Australia: instead of the maps being drawn, they are sung in songs that describe the physical spaces and narrate the paths traversed.

The first version of Songlines was produced in 2018 and was initially produced through the digital conversion of the drawings into a sound file. This version was exhibited in the show “Before, and even now”. Through the collaboration with Marcelo Cabral, Songlines came into its definitive form.

Songlines – América do Sul | South America _ 2:48 min

Songlines – Europa | Europe _ 3:14 min