Unstable Horizon

A slow transition connects a series of images, where none of the pictures are permanent but in a constant interlacing process with the next or the previous one.
Analog photographs registering the horizon line between ocean and sky were taken on different days and always in the same place. The moving images sequence reassembles the days’ duration. The light variation and the horizon line visibility simulate a long and peculiar twilight (where pictures taken on different days are compressed in a few minutes).

A soundtrack created with an analog synthesizer system is part of the video. Sound builds a dialogue with the visual work: the electricity is modulated in subtle variations making sounds that simulate waves and winds. Simultaneously, the light and the overlapped images modulate the light and color of the landscape.

Video stills and simulation of installation view.

Video / 12 minutes

To watch the video, please send a message to studio[at]marinacamargo.com