World map: Fractions of space


In World Map: fractions of space drawings of continents and islands cut out in flexible material (soft polystyrene) are arranged in a linear way: suspended side by side in a geometric order that is at a distance from the representation used in world maps. “Fractions of space” refers to geographic space as a process that is in constant transformation.
The work is part of the “Soft Maps” series, in which cartography and its structures are rethought using a principle of fluidity and deconstruction of an established order. The maps as forms of representation of spaces and also of diverse narrative construction (political, historical, social, etc.) are recurrent elements in Marina’s poetic research. Experiments with the materiality of cartography through the use of rubber cutouts, fabrics, and flexible materials are part of her recent research on fluid structures of spatial representation.

World Map: fractions of space (2020). Drawings in soft PVC | 800 x 250 cm (approximately)