“Marina Camargo’s work is anchored around an ongoing investigation about the representation of various things and phenomena in the world; exposing the tensions that exist between the world we inhabit and the world that is represented to us via images and other types of material culture. Often developing projects through long-term extensive research processes, Camargo most recently has been exploring the representation of various landscapes—as images, as memories, as travel narratives, and as cartographies.

Oblivion - Marina Camargo / alpenprojekt 1

“Oblivion” at Honor Fraser Gallery, L.A. (photo by Joshua White)

Her interests highlight the impossibility of representing complete realities and locales and through her work she draws attention to the elements that are lost, silenced, and forgotten in the space between reality and representation.

The work featured in this exhibition (“Oblivion – Alps“) encompasses a library of abandoned memories in the form of postcards and photographs purchased in antique shops in Germany. All of the original images depicted the Alps, and the postcards included intimate messages, and registers of their movement across time and place. Painting over the landscapes, Camargo further erases these locales while simultaneously re-rendering them with black ink. The configuration of these thoughts and gestures is assembled as a constellation in its own right; forming another imaginary landscape out of the fragmentation and incompleteness that defines our abilities to represent the world we inhabit.”


Text excerpt for the group show ACIREMA, at Honor Fraser Gallery (Los Angeles) curated by Cesar Garcia (co-founder and Director of The Mistake Room).